AJLA Parent Council

    Please refer to our webpage Friends of CWLA for up to date content.

    As Parents Council, it is our mission to enrich and support our children's school experience, as well as provide our community with opportunities to come together and meet, so we can all be part of our community.


    3 major fundraisers each year: (among small others events)
    Fall Pledge Drive
    T3 Annual Spring Benefit
    CWLA Summer Olympics


    Cultural Celebrations and Community Events
    Additionally we sponsor many events throughout the year, both during the school day and after hours. These events are a great opportunity for parents to get to know one another and for the kids to spend some time together outside of school.
    There are many opportunities to participate in our community and we encourage you to get involved. Reach out to PC if you’d like to volunteer at any of our events.

    Gretchen Gall – President
    Ruth Rich – Vice President
    April Vega – Treasurer treasurer@friendsofcwla.org

    Erika King – Communications director
    You can reach the officers at officers@friendsofcwla.org