• Hello,

        My name is Ms. Williams.  I am excited to be your teacher this year!  Each year, we get to start the year off fresh with new ideas, mindsets and points of view.  We get to explore and learn new things through the lens of a social scientist this year.  My hope is to  facilitate as we learn about history, current events, important figures  and various perspectives.   Also, I look forward to reading novels, journals and exceprts related to topics we are studying in class.  

       When I am not teaching, I am usually spending time with my children who enjoy sports, going to the park and dining.  We also spend a great deal of time at the library checking out books for bedtime.  Another member of our family, our dog Drake keeps us occupied with walks and play time.  


       As we delve into our learning, I will use this format to upload information.  If there is anything you need, please email me at dpwilliams@cps.edu.