• I would really like to encourage every parent/guardian to complete the steps to become a CPS volunteer. There will be a variety of volunteer and chaperoning opportunities this year. In order to take part in these opportunities, you will need to be an approved volunteer. You will need to complete these steps again for this school year even if you were an approved volunteer last year


    There are two levels for volunteering. Please use the information below to determine which level is appropriate for you. 

    • Level 1 - You would like to volunteer in the classroom regularly for small groups or projects. Level 1 volunteers will need to have a fingerprint background check.

    • Level 2 - You would like to chaperone field trips or attend major school events. 


    To become an approved volunteer, please complete the steps below:

    1. Go to: https://chicagopublicschools.civicore.com/admin/index.php?section=application&action=new

    2. Select the volunteer level that is best for you. 

    3. Complete all fields.

    4. Bring a copy of your photo ID to Ms. Burger in the front office and let her know you have completed the online application.

    5. When you get an email from CPS stating you are an approved volunteer, please forward that email to me at sgayman@cps.edu. 


    Even if you are unsure if you will be able to volunteer or chaperone this year, please complete the volunteer application. This process can sometimes take a while and we don’t want anyone to miss out due to a paperwork issue!